Build Better Webinars – Webinar Storybuilding

For every audience, structure is critical when training and educating. FractalFORGE allows you to build better webinars by empowering users to access more versatile content and personalize the information and structure to the audience.

Video A/B Testing at Mass Scale

FractalFORGE allows you to build many iterations of personalized videos in seconds. This makes it easy for you to A/B test hundreds of versions of videos to identify the right combination of messaging for your audiences.

Scale Your Best and Brightest 24x7x365 Globally

Using FractalFORGE’S video technology your most talented employees knowledge and compelling personalities become digitally accessible 24x7x365 from anywhere in the world.

Improve the functionality of your Content Management System (CMS)

C Content Management Systems were designed to manage documents and files. Issues arise when there are multiple media formats of that file (Text, Video, Slides, etc). FractalFORGE can feed your CMS allowing you to organize all content and keep it updated across media formats.