Storytelling Platform™

FractalFORGE™ Storytelling Platform™ enables you to scale your stories worldwide, in seconds, for any media format.

Our breakthrough Ideal Level™ Modular Component™ content structure breaks down information into complete ideas. This results in more flexibility for how information is shared with an audience.

FractalFORGE™ transforms organizations by enabling unified accurate communications across the brand for all team members, customers, strategic partners, and resellers, all while ensuring content approval is obtained from key departments and legal when necessary.

FractalFORGE™ cloud-based Storytelling Platform™ enables authorized employees to create world-class highly customized messaging at mass scale, while reducing many of the traditional expenses, time delays and complexities of tailored enterprise content creation. The result is enhanced interactions with your brand and improved ROI.

Our Orchestrated Multi-Tenant™ platform combines all of the traditional benefits of a multi-tenant architecture including a standardized up to date software code base, fast and easy user provisioning, and lower user costs in addition to modern architecture advancements that ensure better data security, improved system redundancy for stability and reliability, and a faster more responsive user experience.

Through User Obsessed Design™ we have created an exceptional user experience that is elegant, fast, intuitive, and friendly – regardless of skill level.

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