Feed your Technology Toolbox


The world is full of so many great technologies, but as a large organization every time a new “cool” technology is added the time and resources required to manage, update, and align content across more applications is increasing. If you have experienced this, then you know it’s a real problem. You’re missing the “glue” that connects everything together in an Omni-Channel, Omni-Format way regardless of the type of content being used. FractalFORGE is the glue, and it’s your tech stack’s best friend.

We developed the Storybuilding methodology to create a more efficient, lower cost, and more comprehensive communication technology that empowers users to be more efficient and tell higher quality stories. As part of that process we realized we could break content down at the Idea Level™ into Modular Components™ that we call FractalBlocks. FractalBlocks are media format agnostic, which means they can be video clips, slides from a presentation deck, text snippets, you name it.

By developing a more efficient way to build and share stories we can feed your tech stack with content in whatever form you need it. If you need shorter stories for websites or social posts, we can push individual FractalBlocks via API, or if you needed longer stories that communicate specific information like a sales video or a on-boarding video, we can push fully published content to those applications as well.

FractalFORGE makes it easy to manage and align content regardless of the format, use case, application, and in a way that keeps things up to date and accurate. To learn more about the use cases and applications of FractalFORGE, check out one of the articles on Content Alignment below.


Version Control Intelligently

In FractalFORGE our patent-pending Dynamic Content™ technology ensures that you will always have the most up-to- date version. You can also see fully audit- able past versions of each component. [...]

Align Newsletters with On-brand Messaging

FractalFORGE helps establish consistency across newsletter messaging and other marketing efforts without added overhead. You can be confident those who create newsletters will have access to all of the high quality content [...]

Never Have Outdated Information In a Document

FractalFORGE’s Dynamic Content™ technology enables users to always have access to the most up-to-date version of content. When a change is made in FractalFORGE any Dynamic Content™ enabled document will automatically update [...]

Proliferate Content Updates to All Locations at Once

Managing all of the locations content lived used to be challenging. With FractalFORGE the number of channels or locations Dynamic Content™ lives never creates a problem. Update the source once and [...]

Modify and Update your Content in Near Real-Time

FractalFORGE’s Dynamic Content™ technology allows your users to push updates to content instantly to any Dynamic Content™ enabled stories. Audiences will see these changes reflected in near real-time. [...]

Eliminate Freak Accidents with #trending on Social

In today’s ecosystem of rapid and evolving trends, a single word you’ve built your brand around for years, can suddenly become evil. Through FractalFORGE’s powerful content control features, you can quickly disable [...]

Always Up-to-Date Content and Messaging

FractalFORGE’s patent-pending solution contains a powerful feature called “Dynamic Content™.” Stories enabled with Dynamic Content™ will always be up-to- date. When you update a component of the story in FractalFORGE that [...]